Yaffa Is Singing Again

When I was at summer camp, we used to sing a song:

“The whole world is a very narrow bridge; And the main thing to recall – is not to be afraid – not to be afraid at all.”


Life is a balance. That we exist at all in this world is a miracle and a gift.

In particular, I experienced this when my husband suffered a massive heart attack.

The whole time my husband Jay was in the hospital I couldn’t understand why my daughter Yaffa, who has Down’s syndrome, did not seem  upset.  I truly questioned if she understood what was going on.

Then, on the Friday night after my husband came home from the hospital, Yaffa started singing at the table.  I suddenly realized that while she never seemed upset or sad, the whole time my husband was in the hospital, Yaffa did not sing.

One of the unique gifts of special children is that they are wired for joy and happiness.

For most of us, we feel elation only on very special days — our wedding day for example.

For Yaffa, she feels joyful and elated as her norm. So, when she is not happy, she really seems just like our normal.

I only realized she was unhappy when she began to sing again.

Now that my husband is home, Yaffa is singing again.

This whole experience has been very humbling. We have so much to be grateful for.


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